Wheel for trucks

Basically, a number wheels required for the truck are confirmed by the capacity it can carry. Based on it the additional wheels are attached to the back axis. It should be noted that the truck back wheels usually in the structure of concave and the front wheels in the shape of convex. The rear wheels have four wheels and two tires are fixed to each axis. There are some load limits to each tire and the back tires have the capacity to bear heavy load than the front wheels. Various shape and design in the wheels the owners can choose the desired design of wheels to the support the truck. For every different wheel, unique purposes serve to the drivers. Some bulge in the tire to maintain control of the vehicle in the driver hand in the all the situation. The rims wheels are overlapped with other wheels it is achieved by the mounting hub present at the center of the wheels. Snow tires have the special feature to maintain the friction force between the truck tires and snow which are on the road during the winter season. These tires have some iron spikes or fold by the iron chain in the tires to create the friction force.

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